COVID19 Policy

Updated COVID-19 policy at Fleurieu Pilates: 26 April 2022

From Tuesday 26 April 2022, Fleurieu Pilates has updated it’s condition of entry requirements for all clients.

In response to upcoming restriction changes for COVID-19 close contacts, we now require as a condition of entry to our studio and for anyone attending classes, that: 

  • you are at least double vaccinated, whether you are attending classes and as a visitor to our studio
  • if you are a close contact of anyone with COVID-19 please do not attend classes for 7 days, regardless of whether you are symptomatic. We also require a negative RAT test on the day 7 to attend classes.

We feel obligated to do our best to protect the health and well being of our clients, our instructors and our community as a whole, and feel it is our responsibility to introduce measures as a condition of entry.

We also continue with further mitigations to the studio to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can, and appreciate your taking the time to adhere to these extra measures:

  • We will be keeping both doors open as much as possible to allow for good ventilation during sessions – so if it a chilly morning, bring a jumper so you are comfortable during your class.
  • Please wear masks on arrival and exit from the studio, for example when putting your bags and shoes away, continue to wear a mask until you are settled on your reformer or starting piece of Clinical equipment
  • Please wait outside until previous clients have left their class – this way we limit the mixing of classes as much as possible inside the studio.
  • Please continue to social distance and sanitise hands on arrival and departure – we’d really appreciate your vigilance on this.
  • If you have COVID-19 please do not attend classes for at least 7 days after your confirmed PCR test and with a negative RAT test on day 7 or after.

Our cancellation system is flexible to those who are sick or who are close contact, with our 12 hour cancellation policy still in place. Use the app to cancel your classes as soon as you know you cannot attend.

We will be constantly reviewing our policies to ensure they not only comply with legislation but that they continue to keep ourselves and you our clients as safe as possible.

We are so grateful to all our amazing clients for their resilience and loyalty over the past two years under these extraordinary circumstances.

Thank you for your continued understanding – and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Helen to discuss.