fpFIT : fast Pilates

Woman on reformer laughing, blurred woman in background smiles

Fast, dynamic Pilates classes

fpFIT : fast Pilates is a dynamic, high intensity reformer Pilates class, designed to give you a more intense, cardio workout to challenge your body.

Our fpFIT sessions have just 5 people maximum and are designed to improve your fitness and strength.

With classes working specific muscle groups and designed to make you sweat, we recommend fpFIT for intermediate Pilates goers, who have experience on Reformers and are looking for a more intense session.

New clients

If you are coming to a session for the first time, make sure to bring water to stay hydrated and socks to wear on the reformers. Sticky socks are available to purchase in the studio.

Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes early to your first class, so you can fill out of new client form. If you are new to Pilates, and especially using PIlates reformers, we would recommend you do a few Reformer Pilates classes as an introduction to the equipment before attending fpFIT sessions.

How to book

Our booking system is powered by Glofox. If you have never attended sessions at Fleurieu Pilates, and want to attend fpFIT or Reformer Pilates classes, we recommend you download the Glofox app on your smartphone or device, type in Fleurieu Pilates, and register with us.

In the meantime, check out our schedule and different pricing options on our bookings page.