Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates sessions have landed at Fleurieu Pilates.

These low impact, reformer based sessions have just 5 people per class and are suitable for all fitness levels, with a focus on improving strength, stability and flexibility.

All Reformer Pilates sessions will incorporate accessories like BOSU balls, boxes, foam rollers, hand weights and more, to create a fun and ever changing workout.

Our friendly instructors are always on hand to provide alternates to any exercises and tailor classes as much as possible to your needs.

Reformer classes are classed as beginner and are suitable for all fitness levels including anyone pre- or post-natal, if you are recovering from injury or surgery or if you have been given medical advice not to undertake cardio exercise.

We would recommend Reformer classes for anyone who has not tried Pilates or has never used a Reformer to try our Reformer Pilates classes first, before booking into fpFIT: fast Pilates.

New clients

If you are coming to a session for the first time, make sure to bring water to stay hydrated and socks to wear on the reformers. Sticky socks are available to purchase in the studio.

Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes early to your first class, so our instructors can give you the basics of our equipment, especially if you have not previously done Pilates or had experience on a Pilates reformer.

How to book

Our booking system is powered by Glofox. If you have never attended sessions at Fleurieu Pilates, and want to attend fpFIT or Reformer Pilates classes, we recommend you download the Glofox app on your smartphone or device, type in Fleurieu Pilates and create an online account with us.

In the meantime, check out our schedule and different pricing options on our bookings page.