Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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At Fleurieu Pilates, we offer Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), led by accredited ACT trainer Helen Treloar.

All our ACT programs are designed specifically for you, your team or organisation, delivered at our studio in Port Elliot or on site at your location.

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What is Acceptance and commitment Therapy (ACT)?

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a scientific, evidence-based behavioural approach, that looks at how we address our happiness and outlook on life.

ACT draws on the individual to learn, practice and apply mindfulness skills to use in the face of anxiety, stress, physical pain and the challenges life throws at you.

ACT discourages you from avoiding, controlling or suppressing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Rather it teaches you how to identify your discomforts while learning how to handle the pain that goes with them.

It also functions through helping you identify and clarify your values.

Embracing your values helps you to take action to solve your problems and do more of the things that make your life better.

Is what you are doing working to give you a rich, full and meaningful life?

If not, would you consider doing something different?”

Dr Russ Harris, ACT therapist and coach

Who does ACT benefit?

Just about everyone can engage in ACT, whether you are:

  • An adult managing family, work and caring responsibilities
  • A teenager or child dealing with school, friends and family or bullying
  • New parent/s
  • Coping with illness or injury
  • Experiencing stressful work or family situations
  • Dealing with grief and trauma
  • Sports people and teams

What does ACT teach you?

To engage with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, all that is required is an open mind, to a radically different approach.

Through taking part in ACT you will learn:

  • Mindfulness skills that will help you drop the struggle with your thoughts and feelings
  • How applying mindfulness skills helps you learn to live a more present life
  • To identify your values, a new signpost for decision making

Once you have engaged with these initial concepts, and learned and practiced key skills, we then work with you to create an action plan to facilitate a more meaningful life.

ACT events and workshops

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What we offer

We offer individually designed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy workshops and sessions for individuals, couples and small and large groups.

All our ACT programs include practical learning with actionable notes and takeaways, allowing you to practice and implement your mindfulness skills immediately.

Who we have worked with

Helen Treloar is an accredited ACT trainer, who has been teaching for more than 3 years and has studied with Melbourne based ACT expert Dr Russ Harris.

She has taught in schools, sports clubs (SANFL), corporate settings, farming groups and individuals living chronic pain.

Participants in our ACT programs have reported:

  • Improvement in focus and concentration
  • Growth in work place productivity
  • Increased mindful leadership
  • Enhanced health and vitality
  • Empathy within both work and personal relationships

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