Terms of Service

Payment policy

If you are undertaking an Introduction to Pilates to attend Clinical Pilates sessions, we ask that for your introduction on the day of your appointment at the studio – we do not require payment in advance.

After your Introduction, we require payment in advance for all sessions you attend. Payment must be made before your class to ensure your place.

Online payment is powered by Stripe using Glofox Payment. As such we do not hold any credit or debit card details when you pay online.

We also accept cash in advance of sessions being booked however we do not hold cash on site and therefore may not be able to provide exact change at the time of purchase.

As of July 2019 you can no longer claim Pilates through your private health provider. However we encourage you to inquire with your health fund as we are aware that many have wellness packages that include Pilates.

Cancellation policy

At Fleurieu Pilates, we focus on the individual and for this reason our class sizes are small. Therefore, we require 12 hours notice for any cancellations.

Any session you are booked in for can be cancelled online up to 12 hours in advance, with no charge.

No shows and late cancellations will be charged in full. No exceptions.

Our online booking system, powered by Glofox, is available via app on your smart phone or logging in via our bookings page, and is always available for you to cancel, book and pay at your convenience.

Please do not text or call instructors to cancel or change your sessions. Only online cancellations will be accepted.

Due to scheduling, illness and other circumstances beyond our control, classes may be cancelled 12 hours prior to their scheduled time, and you will be offered an alternative time or a refund.

Refund and transfer policy

All purchases of Pilates classes and packages are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. This also applies to gift vouchers.

Please ensure when buying packages online that you purchase the correct one before entering your card details. Any packages bought in error cannot be refunded or transferred. No exceptions.

Expiry policy

All individual sessions and packages are valid from their date of purchase for a set period of time, during which all sessions must be used. Any sessions not used within the valid time are unavailable to use and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All validity information on all our sessions and packages is detailed on our pricing page.

Should you wish to extend the expiry date of your package, please email your request for an extension 2 weeks before the expiry date. All extensions are at the discretion of management.

All gift vouchers purchased at the studio are valid for 3 years, in line with government policy.

Instructor replacement

Due to scheduling, illness and other circumstances beyond our control, your regular instructor may be unavailable and an alternative instructor will take your session.

We will always endeavour to give notice as to when this may happen however it is not always possible to do so. We do not offer refunds or transfers should your regular instructor not be available at short notice and you do not wish to attend the session with the replacement instructor.

All our instructors are trained and nationally accredited to ensure your needs are always looked after.

Information about your session

All our sessions are available to book up until one hour before they commence.

Due to scheduling, if you arrive late for your session, you will still finish at the scheduled time.  

What to wear, what to bring

Comfortable, stretchy attire is ideal for Pilates.

For hygiene reasons, please wear clean socks, preferably grip-socks. These are available in studio to purchase.

Jumpers without hoods is preferred as hoods can interfere with equipment and exercises. We also discourage wearing sharp jewellery and chewing gum during sessions.

Towels are provided, however you are more than welcome to bring along your own personal towel, as well as a bottle of water to keep hydrated during your session.

Please turn off your mobile phones during your Pilates session to ensure you and other clients are not disturbed.

Introduction to Pilates for new Clinical Pilates clients

We require all clients wanting to do Clinical Pilates to undertake an Introduction to Pilates with us, irrespective of whether they have taken Pilates instruction elsewhere.This is to ensure the safety of all new clients and for insurance purposes.

Anyone wanting to attend our fpFIT:Fast Pilates or Reformer Pilates classes do not need to attend an Introduction session prior to attending classes at our studio.

However if you have not used Pilates Reformers in the past, please let your instructor know before your class starts so they can give you a basic introduction.

Small children

To preserve the quality of instruction, protection of equipment and the safety of children, we can only accept parents/carers with babies up to six months of age in the studio whilst sessions are being held.

Insurance requirements

Before starting classes we require all clients to sign and date a Conditions of Exercise and Waiver statement. This will cover your use of the studio and equipment and in the event of any injury. You can do this via our app when you sign up or when you attend your first session.

We cannot accept any clients attending sessions at the studio without first signing this statement. No exceptions.

Privacy policy

Please see our Privacy Policy for all information related to your personal information, our website and online booking system.